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2 Round brushes for young artists

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A set of two lovely round paint brushes specifically designed for use by young children. The set is complete with two goat hair brushes which are ideal for use with watercolour paints. The round ended brush helps the children experiment with colour and mix the colours as well as getting instant gratification from a dense laydown of colour from a koh-I-Noor watercolour paint. Try your children with the varying brush sizes, with the 12 applying more colour and thicker strokes and the 8 applying a thinner stroke. For parent and child activities, try mixing colours with the brush to understand how colours are formed. These brushes will also help parents and teachers show children how to apply paint to the brush, dilute colours with water as well as washing and drying and caring for brushes. All these activities will help parents teach children the foundations of painting which are fundamental skills that will carry the budding artist through to the next stage of their creative life. 

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