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The Calligraphy Edit: New Lettering Kit

What is lettering?

Lettering means the art of drawing letters. Hand Lettering is a beautiful formation of letters. Each letter is drawn purposefully and aims to compliment the next in a beautiful composition, usually creating a word or phrase. Our new lettering Kit is specifically designed to explore different types of hand lettering for yourself - from here you can work out your favourite styles. Read on to find out what is included in our new 16 piece Lettering Kit.

Get started with the Manual

Lettering sensation James Lewis will give you a taster of six different calligraphic lettering styles with the manual included as well as inspirational visual imagery. For calligraphy newbies the lettering manual is a great place to start to begin getting familiar with all the writing instruments in this fun lettering set.

Lettering Pencil

You may want to start hand lettering with a pencil. Whether you’re drawing out the guides or wanting to outline your text or just practise letter formation – this clutch pencil is perfect for getting started.

The lettering pencil in this set is complete with two graphite leads; one with a round lead in the pencil and a straight cut graphite lead in the tray. The leads can be interchanged to create different styles and strokes which is why the mechanical pencil is intentionally included. A graphite pencil will also help those new to lettering and calligraphy move onto the next stage of lettering to draw out the guides that can easily be erased once the ink has dried.

Fountain Pen

Manuscript’s popular Dodec Pen features in this set with two nib widths including 0.85mm and 2.6mm. If you are new to calligraphy the varying nib widths allow for creating thick and thin calligraphic strokes depending on the width of the end of the nib as well as the way it is used. Create foundational hand and serif script by angling the pen appropriately to create beautiful typography.

The Dodec pen features 10 sides with a screw section into the barrel with polished nibs. The ergonomic nib section has a comfy grip and the pen is light to hold and features a plastic clip detail on the pen cap. Four ink cartridges are included in black, blue, turquoise and orange to develop your own creative lettering and style.

Brush Lettering

Try out your brush lettering skills with Manuscript’s three Aquabrush pens. Bold strokes and bouncy letters can all be accomplished by manipulating the brush pen for beautiful brush lettering. Simply dip the Aquabrush pen in water and try creating your art on watercolour paper for maximum impact. Blend the water based Aquabrush ink to further explore your artistic style and capabilities of this illustrative pen.

Graffiti Style Lettering

Trendy lettering has never been so much fun with Manuscript’s Flexi Markers. The three flexible tipped pens are designed to create a statement. The versatile tip has an oblique cut to create strong marks and an urban look and feel to your next street style piece. Use the pen at different angles and pressure to create italic style strokes with thick and thin lines.  Outline the artwork with Manuscript’s Duotip black pen for thick and thin contrasting effects

Italic Lettering

Manuscript’s Black Italic Marker is one of our best selling marker pens. Faux italic calligraphy can be created with these beautiful chisel tipped italic markers. Italic and Serif typography is ideal for this lovely Callicreative marker pen with waterbased ink.  

Try this 16 piece set and experience so many different styles of faux-calligraphy for yourself. Enjoy the contrasting styles and share your work with us.

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Flexi pen colours may vary.