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Create beautiful calligraphy. Learn basic skills.  Download the FREE Callicreative App NOW!

Develop your calligraphy skills and create beautiful writing with Manuscript Pen Company’s NEW Callicreative app. Brought to you by the leading Calligraphy specialists in the UK, this application is a great tool to get inspired with calligraphy.

Download the free application to your tablet device and discover free guides, templates, hints and tips to get started with calligraphy, using the Stylus end of StyluScript, fountain pen purposely designed by Manuscript. Test out your newly developed skill and try your calligraphy on paper. Who knows, perhaps you will soon be making your own calligraphy inspired wedding invitations!

With a range of colours, styles and nib widths available it is perfect for experimenting with calligraphy. Share your work via social media, and get involved with the growing calligraphy trend.

“At Manuscript we believe calligraphy is all about having fun, whether you’re an experienced calligrapher or just getting started,” states Charles Stockbridge, Managing Director. “This application is perfect for those wanting to have-a-go, and why not?”

Click on the Google Play or App Store icons here below to download the Callicreative App on your tablet!

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Click here to see and interact with the Callicreative App on your PC or laptop.

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Callicreative App for calligraphy, handwriting, colouring and drawing

With the Callicreative App you will be able to:

Write letters, words and messages on your tablet;

Experiment with different pens, nib widths and colours and share your beautiful handwritten messages with friends, family and other calligraphy enthusiasts;

Bring your handwriting to life with Callicreative!


  • Write letters, words and messages

  • Choose from different pens, nib widths and colours
  • Learn how to create Italic and Gothic letters, minuscules, majuscules and numbers. Go through the useful instruction guide for more info about these two alphabets.

  • Trace over the calligraphy templates and follow the guidelines to perfect your strokes
  • Use the freehand tab as you get more experienced
  • Draw and colour using the drawing templates or the freehand tab

  • Share your handwritten messages and drawings with friends and family using the share button
  • Buy our Manuscript pens using the buy button and transfer what you have learnt onto paper

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  • Get hints and tips for your calligraphy by clicking on the hints/tips tab
  • Stay social with #callicreativeapp and @manuscriptpenco

Remember to keep practising using the app and on paper.

Download the Italic and Gothic Alphabets sheets*

To practise on paper download the Italic and Gothic Alphabets sheets and follow the useful guidelines to enhance your strokes. Remember to keep the nib/tip at an angle of 45 degrees to the baseline. Enjoy every moment of the writing experience!

Italic Alphabet Minuscules with Guideline

Just pop your email here below in order to download all the alphabets. We will keep you updated about new ones!

Manuscript Callicreative App

Download the Italic and Gothic Alphabets for your practice on paper!
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*Calligraphy by Sandro Bonomo