Beginner’s Calligraphy Set

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An easy grip body and three nibs makes picking up calligraphy - from Arabic to italic - simple! Featuring a dodec body and two ink refills, your journey to calligraphy expertise begins here 



The perfect gift set ideal for fountain pen calligraphy and every day writing for beginner's. Create italic calligraphy and practice lettering with ease with this diverse set. Made in the United Kingdom, this 6 piece set includes the following:

1 Dodec Fountain Pen with a chrome polished detailed nib
2 standard size ink cartridges in black
2 calligraphy nib sections
Ink convertor

Choose from a selection of nib types:

A 0.85mm italic calligraphy nib for a fine stroke
A 1.1mm italic calligraphy nib for a soft italic
A 1.6mm italic calligraphy nib for a extra broad stroke

All nibs come in a chrome polished finish
All nibs are Made in Britain


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how to switch to left handed

Thanks for your question.

You can purchase a left handed set directly from our website here:

However, if you have purchased a right handed set and would like to exchange the nibs for left handed nibs, please complete the Nib Exchange Form and return to us:

Manuscript Pen Company Ltd answered on 5 March 2019
I got the cartridge stuck because I put the first one in wrong, is there anyway to get it unstuck?

Thank you for your question.

You will need to tap the barrel on a table or hard surface to encourage the cartridge to fall down the barrel naturally.

However, if this doesn't work please contact us on and we will send you a replacement barrel.

Please don't try and poke anything down the barrel as this might pierce the cartridge and the ink will leak.

Hope this helps.

Manuscript Pen Company Ltd answered on 16 December 2019
I purchased the beginners calligraphy set. I followed the directions for putting in the ink cartridges, but can’t seem to get the ink to start flowing

Thanks for your question.

Its very common for the ink not to flow through your pen straight away. You can view our video of how to get the ink flowing in your pen here:

Hope this helps!

Manuscript Pen Company Ltd answered on 11 September 2019
I am having trouble getting the lid on mine, is there a special way to put the lid on it?

Thanks for your question.

The lid on or Dodec Fountain Pen is a twist action lid. To unscrew the cap twist it anti-clockwise and to screw it back on twist it clock-wise.

I hope this helps!

Manuscript Pen Company Ltd answered on 11 June 2019
Why isn't the ink coming out?

Thanks for your question. We are sorry to hear your are experiencing problems with the ink flowing out on your pen.

Here is a link to some hints and tips to help get the ink flowing:

Please check these out. If you continue to have problems you can email us on and we will help get you writing again!

Manuscript Pen Company Ltd answered on 19 November 2018

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