Clarity Fountain Pen - Black

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The Manuscript Clarity Fountain Pen combines style, colour and functionality into the perfect writing instrument. The vibrant coloured fountain pen comes with a high quality iridium nib suitable for everyday handwriting and an ink cartridge to get started.



Stand out with style with this vibrant fountain pen! This Clarity Fountain Pen ensures comfort and clairty with everyday writing. Suitable in the office, the pencil case or the pocket! This classic black pen set comes with an iridium nib for everyday writing and 1 ink cartridge. Other colours available.


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How bold is the nib? Are there handwriting nibs available in bolder versions?

Thanks for your question.

The Clarity Pen has a medium iridium fountain pen nib which is ideal for everyday writing.

If you are looking for a wider or bolder nib we would recommend our Curve Calligraphy Pen which comes with 3 nib options for varied writing.

Manuscript Pen Company Ltd answered on 26 February 2019
Is this pen suitable for drawing; i.e., can it be used with permanent ink?

Thanks for your question.

The Nib in the Clarity pen is a medium iridium nib which is best suited to everyday writing.

If you are looking for a fountain pen to do drawing with we would recommend the Dodec Beginner's Calligraphy Set:

However, we would not recommend putting permanent ink through a fountain pen as the ink may damage the feed. for fountain pens we always recommend water based ink.

Hope this helps.

Manuscript Pen Company Ltd answered on 6 April 2020

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