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Diplomat Fountain Pen Excellence A2 Evergreen & Gold - M

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INNOVATION: A pen of timeless aesthetics and faultless functionality, Evergreen demonstrates Diplomat’s commitment to producing writing instruments which age beautifully and reliably stand the test of time.

STRIKING DISPLAY CASE: An opulent matte grey metal sleeve foiled with a black Diplomat logo encases an ivory box. The sleeve slides off the reveal the pen on a plush cushion scattered with white flower motifs. A care guide and two standard international cartridges are also included.

SPECIFICATION: A screw thread smoothly separates the barrel from the grip section to reveal a convertor inside but the pen can also be used with standard international cartridges. The cap is lined with an inner white sleeve which prevents the pen from drying out when not in use.

QUALITY: Designing writing instruments since 1922, every Diplomat product is manufactured in Germany from the highest quality materials and using traditional methods to ensure durability and longevity.

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