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Diplomat Fountain Pen Excellence A2 Skyline Red - M

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In deep, sophisticated scarlet, the Diplomat Skyline Excellence A2 fountain pen exudes quality and elegance. Clean lines, rich colour and impeccable finish are at the heart of this beautifully minimalist pen. The result is a timeless design with classy aesthetics that will appeal to all generations.

In contrast to the Evergreen A2 Excellence, numerous lines have been mechanically engraved into Skyline's barrel creating a three dimensional, ridge like aesthetic with iridescent qualities. As the ridges interact with the light a spectrum of red hues are revealed, adding to the pens opulence. Finished with a translucent lacquer, it has a smooth, glossy surface which is exceptionally comfortable to hold.

A number of polished chrome trims adorn the rich barrel creating a striking visual contrast, including an elegant hourglass shaped, hinged clip which guarantees secure attachment to pockets and notebooks during transportation. Meanwhile a unique, soft sliding click mechanism gently attaches the cap to the barrel, ensuring durability of parts. A beautiful inlayed flower finial tops the cap in the iconic monochromatic colours, whilst a chrome centre band ornately engraved with “Diplomat since 1922 and made in Germany surrounds its end. A polished stainless steel nib pressed with the Diplomat flower logo, completes the design.

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