Featured Artist: Carlos Lorente a.k.a. Kid Crow

We are very intrigued and impressed by the work of talented German born graffiti artist Carlos Lorente, tag name Kid Crow. In 1996, around the age of 18, Carlos started his creative career with his first spray attempts, going on to win 1st prize in a graffiti competition the very next year! Working as a professional Graphic Designer and Workshop Coach since early 2000s, Carlos has great opportunity to combine his graffiti art & illustration in his professional life. Since founding Germany’s first Graffiti Academy in 2012, there is plenty of opportunity and freedom to keep productive and, as his tag name suggests, ‘Kid Crow’ insists he’s still a Kid growing up and doesn’t take himself too seriously.

With many interests outside of the world of graffiti, Carlos takes inspiration in his work from many sources such as comics, 90’s skateboard artwork and music like Funk, Soul & Hip Hop as well as being influenced by subway art, New York handstyles & Westcoast graffiti.

Creative World Using Flexi Tipsflexi
Recently, we had the pleasure of meeting Carlos at the CreativeWorld 2017 exhibition in Frankfurt where we introduced our all new Callicreative Flexi markers!


Quote about Manuscript Pens:

Manuscript’s CalliCreative Pens are fantastic tools for doing ‘Handstyles’ & ‘Calligraffiti’ on paper or cardboard. The chisel tips are really durable and allow to have a good feeling for the surface that is written on. Thumbs up!

He also tried the Duotips and found that the fineliner complements the chisel tip well and is great to create the outline of the letters and fine details.

Take a look at the gallery below and see Kid Crow’s great graffiti work for yourself!

Follow Kid Crow:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/kidcrow.fb
Instagram: www.instagram.com/kidcrow_id

Click here to go to the StyleScouts Academy website 


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Date: 08.02.17