10 troubleshooting steps and 5 care tips to get the ink flowing in your Calligraphy Pen

Your calligraphy pen doesn’t write or writes with an unsteady flow?

This can happen for various reasons – the ink has dried out or is clogging the nib etc.. –
Don’t worry, We have some useful troubleshooting tips ready for you!

10 troubleshooting steps to get the ink flowing in your Calligraphy Pen

1. Check the cartridge: is it full of ink? Is the cartridge firmly pushed into the nib section?
2. Replace the cartridge or push it in more firmly if needed.
3. Try writing again, still nothing happens?
4. To encourage the ink to come down to the nib, hold the pen vertically with the tip of the nib pointing down over scrap paper and tap the tip of the nib repeatedly on the paper until the ink comes through. If this doesn’t happen follow the next step.
5. Carefully remove the cartridge holding it upright so that the ink doesn’t spill out! Put the cartridge aside in an upright position.
6. Pour slightly soapy warm water through the nib section
7. Dry the nib thoroughly
8. Replace the cartridge holding it upright to avoid spilling.
9. Try writing again
10. Yes, it works! Calligraphy requires patience and practice. Enjoy!

5 care tips to get the ink flowing in your Calligraphy Pen

• Use Manuscript European size ink cartridges
• Never use waterproof or pigmented inks, which will clog your pen
• Do not drop or knock your pen against a hard surface. To avoid accidental damage, replace the cap after use.This also stops the ink drying in the pen.
• Wash the nib occasionally after use as follows: remove the ink cartridge then swill the nib in slightly soapy, warm water. Dry it carefully.
• Always carry a fountain pen with the nib pointing upwards.

Feel free to contact us for any problems with your pen. We will be happy to help you have a great calligraphy experience!


18 Responses

  1. Deborah Read says:

    no flow after every step

  2. Alessia says:

    Hi Deborah, thanks for getting in touch with us. We are sorry you are having this issue. Would it be possible to send the pen back to us? We will be happy to replace it. Thanks for your help with this! Manuscript Pen Company, Nr Bridgnorth, Highley, Shropshire WV16 6NN – UK

  3. c.owens says:

    I have purchased the beginners calligraphy set. I can not place the cartridge inside the barrel, just wont go in enough….

  4. Debbie Leighton says:

    I have tried everything I can not get the ink to flow either. Looks like I am not the only one. I really needed this set now I can not do as I wanted to do. I can not see what else I can do….. Rubbish bin here they come. I pressume. Not happy!!!!!!

  5. Alessia says:

    Hi C.Owens, we are sorry you are having difficulties to use your pen. Please have a look here to see how to assemble your cartridge pen. Click on how do I load a cartridge pen and you will find more details. https://www.calligraphy.co.uk/help-support/faqs/ Please let us know if all works well. We are here to help. Kind regards, MPC

  6. Alessia says:

    Hi Debbie, thanks for getting in touch with us. We are sorry you are having this issue. Would it be possible to send the pen back to us? We will be happy to replace it: Manuscript Pen Company, Nr Bridgnorth, Highley, Shropshire WV16 6NN – UK If it is not possible please send us your address and we will send you a replacement. We are here to help!

  7. Olivia says:

    I have just gotten a calligraphy set today and teied to use it. No ink has come out even after all the steps. I have tried everything but it simply won’t work. The quill is clean, brand new cartridge, and it is in all the way

  8. Alessia says:

    Hi Olivia, thank you for contacting us. We are really sorry for this inconvenient. We will be happy to replace your pen. Is there a chance you can send it back to us? If you are not based in the UK just send an email with your address and the details of your pen (a picture would be great) and we will send you a replacement straight away. Please write to us at manuscript@calligraphy.co.uk Thank you very much for your help! Kind regards from Manuscript

  9. Joan Shore says:

    We bought the Calligraphy Set with the 2 pens, 4 nibs, etc. and only the 2 smallest nibs in the set will work despite following the steps numerous times.

  10. Alessia says:

    Hi Joan, we are very sorry you are having these issues. Could you please send us a picture of the set and your address so that we can send you a replacement? Please write to manuscript@calligraphy.co.uk, thanks for contacting us! Kind regards, MPC

  11. Alissa Glover says:

    I thought my new pen set was not going to work. My hopes were dying as I was trying to get the ink to flow through my pen…it wasn’t working, hence my looking up this website and troubleshooting (for a pen! LOL) BUT literally after tapping on my paper repeatedly for about a minute (or two!) and scrolling, tapping some more….it finally started to move through the nib!
    I just wanted to let you know…with all the negatives about pens not working….it did take time and patience, but it works!
    …I wonder if it because the ink was a bit dry at the tip of the cartridge? I don’t know…whatever the reason, it works….
    Thank you for providing me with an affordable selection of pens, nibs, and colored inks. NEW HOBBY HERE I COME :).
    It also looks great writing my college notes 🙂

  12. Bill P says:

    I bought a pen about a year ago and it’s a great. Excellent price. Sometimes there is a bit of patience required to get the ink flowing after it is set down for awhile but I think that is to be expected with a fountain pen. I think the key to it is cleaning and using the right ink.
    My kids love getting good old fashioned hand written letter in the mail… Something that has fallen to the way side it seems in the age of email and texting. I’m not great at calligraphy but writing with these pens does add a little flare.
    Keep on writing!!!

  13. sarah Flowers says:

    The customer service for this company is awesome! They privately message you quickly and offer a reasonable solution. I am very impressed at how eager they are to satisfy their customer!

  14. Sydnie says:

    Great got the caligraphy pen set for xmas and couldnt get it working till now ! The warm water was what did it! Yay thanks

  15. Alastair Mather says:

    How does the Ink Convertor work ?

  16. Charlotte Wilde says:

    Hi Alastair, please visit this link: https://www.calligraphy.co.uk/help-support/ink-converter-how-to-use-it/
    This should answer your question!
    Kind Regards,

  17. Sarah says:

    Thank you for the advice. My ink wasn’t flowing any nothing was working. I saw someone else’s comment about having to constantly tap for 1-2 minutes so I continued and it worked!

  18. Constance Lewis says:

    The soapy water rinse worked for me! I had to be a little patient with 1st “scratchy” strokes, then all good. Thank you

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