Nib Guidance

Manuscript assorted display of steel nibs

Nib Varieties: We manufacture a wide variety of pen nibs, both for fountain pens and for dip pens. These include Calligraphy nibs and nibs with formed points Butterfly points.

We have certain standard patterns available and can also manufacture to meet a customer’s own design.

Finishes: High quality finishing is the hallmark of our products. Both polishing and plating are carried out for us at Highley. Fountain pen nibs are generally supplied in a bright or gold-plated condition.

Product Development: We have the toolmaking and engineering skill and experience to assist you in the development of new products. We are able to produce for you full detailed drawings of your future products.

Quality: We are ISO 9000: 2008 Registered.  Our quality assurance procedures have been borne out of years of experience with our many internationally renowned customers. We believe in the principle of co-manufacture and expect to work closely with our customers at each stage of the development and supply of product.

If you are looking to purchase nibs in bulk please contact us directly to discuss your requirements.