Fountain Pen Models

Master Italic Pen ModelMore +

Brand new to the range for 2013, our Master Italic Pen is already a hit in the market place. A luxury pen that is ideal for creating Italics, whether as a hobby or just to add definition to your everyday handwriting. Complete with a soft touch finish and metal grip, the Master Italic Pen also benefits from a newly designed medium Italic nib manufactured by Manuscript’s in house engineers. For more information on the range of products contain the Master Italic pen click here.

Master Italic Pen Model

Trio Fountain Pen ModelMore +

Take a look at Manuscript’s Trio fountain pen range and the first thing that will catch your eye is the funky retro, monochrome designs available in this line. Already a best seller the Trio fountain pen has far more to offer than its looks. Fitting snuggly in the hand, the trio’s lightweight, ergonomic design ensures that you will have a comfortable and enjoyable writing experience.

Dodec Fountain Pen ModelMore +

The Dodec, attractively designed and manufactured in England with a twelve sided cap and barrel, combines economy with efficiency. The Dodec has traditional calligraphy nibs with points cut like dip nibs for clear definition, to provide precise lines of all widths including fine lines. Nib front end sections for the Dodec can be bought separately through our Nib Service. To see the full range of Manuscript Calligraphy products containing the Dodec Fountain pen click here. The Dodec pen model, complete with a versatile Butterfly nib for everyday handwriting is also available. To view the Dodec Fountain pen click here.

Dodec Fountain Pen Model
Manuscript Dodec Fountain Pen

Classic Fountain Pen ModelMore +

Our Classic model, manufactured in England, has been designed to blend elegance and efficiency. The comfort grip nib front end sections are fully interchangeable with the front ends in our previous standard model. All our Classic pens have traditional calligraphy nibs with points cut like dip nibs for clear definition, to provide precise lines of all widths including fine lines. This pen model is used in our best selling sets from the Classic & Creative through to Deluxe. To view products contain the Classic calligraphy fountain pen click here. For everyday handwriting products that contain the Classic style pen click here.

Manuscript Classic Fountain Pen- Turquiose

Scribe Pen ModelMore +

The Scribe is a modern calligraphy pen with a traditional style and is manufactured in the EU.  It has nibs with more highly polished points. These more rounded nibs are easy and quick to use, making them appealing for both beginners and practised calligraphers and also for general handwriting. Scribe pens are available in 7 different nib widths, including extra fine and fine welded tip nibs for drawing and sketching work. To view and purchase Manuscript products that contain the Scribe pen model click here.

Manuscript Scribe Calligraphy Pen Model