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Lightweight White Modelling Clay 400g

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Lovely light weight clay specifically designed to allow your creations to be threaded and hung for lovely house decor. Create a rainbow with this lightweight clay, paint it and hang it. Also perfect for creating Easter Egg shapes for your Easter Tree or Christmas Hanging Decorations for your own tree or a family member for a sentimental touch. And when it's not festive season, this clay is perfect for window decorations or bead threading. Keraplast is fabulous lightweight air dry modelling clay designed by creatives for creatives. This white lightweight clay can be easily moulded by crafters and children to create beautiful light weight decorations that can be hung as decorative pieces in your home or as gifts. Artists, crafters and children all enjoy the possibilities with this lovely lightweight modelling clay. Share with us your handmade window decorations, beads and more. Enjoy!

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