Handwriting in Schools

Handwriting in Schools

Handwriting in Schools

The development of children’s handwriting in schools starts as young as five years old and often at this time teachers and parents will begin to encourage children to develop their own handwriting style that is both efficient and legible.

Handwriting Styles

Joined up or Cursive style of handwriting is a popular teaching method used throughout the UK and  aims to encourage young children to develop from the initial stages of printed letters to a cursive style, that is made up of entry strokes that leads onto the next letter.

Handwriting Tools

At the beginning of a child’s primary school life they will begin their journey with a pencil. This enables a child as young as five to develop their grip and motor movements whilst practising the formation of letters. A pencil also means that a child does not have to worry about making mistakes and can correct their mistakes with a rubber. This is also of practical importance as it avoids any ink spillages or mishaps!

From a pencil a child will often then progress to a permanent black or blue ink Handwriting pen and later on Cartridge pen at Secondary school age.

Useful Links

At Manuscript we understand that it can often be quite daunting for a parent preparing and supporting their child through education. To help you further develop your understanding of handwriting practices in schools we have put together an index of useful links;