Manuscript’s Brochure 2017: discover all the NEW products!

Manuscript’s Brochure for 2017 is ready!

So what’s new for 2017?

We are super excited about the large collection of new products we are launching this year, revolutionising the products we have brought to you in previous years!

Added to our range this year we have everything from our new luxury fountain pens and a versatile hand lettering set to the all new multi-surface Crafter markers, Flexi-tip markers and two more sets to our best selling Duotips range! Not to mention a complete restyle of our Art of Writing gift sets and wax sealing range!
Scroll down to see a preview of our new products.




Our biggest announcement for 2017: Manuscript’s new luxurious fountain pen range, ML1856, is now available on the market.

Take a look here!



All of this will be shown alongside our well known pens, markers and wax seals.

Click here for a look at the Digital Brochure

These new items are available for orders to our trade customers. They will be available soon on our online shop.

TRADE: For orders or for a paper copy of our brochure or a pdf file, please contact us:

T: +44 (0)1746 861236


Discover the additions to the Duotips Range!

The New Duotips sets are the perfect companions for hand lettering, doodling and colouring. 10 new colours join the family:  the duotips with fineliner and chisel tip are now on offer in a 20 pack! Plus a new Italic twin-tip 10 pack has come to the market! (20 colours – 10 pens).



This versatile set has been designed for calligraphers, artists and art lovers alike. It offers 4 Duotip markers, 4 italic markers including black, white and metallic silver and gold as well as a styluscript fountain pen complete with inks. Bring your Hand Lettering to the next level!



The perfect set for invitations, letters, envelopes and gifts. Includes 3 specially selected nibs, trendy turquoise pen holder and black ink bottle.



Decorative italic markers for use on a multitude of surfaces! From porcelain and glass to wood and stone plus many more! The colour is rich, permanent and light fast. 6 colours available.



Make your own mark with these new flexible italic markers. Designed with all the precision of a chisel tip but with the added flexibility of a brush. Perfect for Calli-Graffiti, Hand Lettering and large scale calligraphic work.


We hope you like the new modern look of our best-selling calligraphy range! The Deluxe set is now more compact and space-efficient.



Our popular dip pen sets and their new look! These sets now show useful nib lines to guide the user in the choice of the nibs.



Stylish new look to our writing and correspondence sets, the perfect sophisticated gift. Vibrant colours for a selection of our traditional gift sets. This range includes a complete correspondence set, a quill and ink set, dip pen and wax sealing kit and dip pen and ink with roller blotter.

largersz_correspondence_set_moodshot    orange             bluered


All new wax and seal products to embellish, decorate and personalise everything from cards and gift wrap to envelopes and scrapbooks. New colour of waxes and a trendy, vintage option with wax beads and spoon to enjoy the pleasure of sealing your own correspondence.



A beautiful presentation for our traditional initial seal set with a lovely wooden handle.


We hope you like what you’ve seen so far! There is more to come!

For orders or for a paper copy of our brochure or a pdf file, please contact us :

T: +44 (0)1746 861236


7 Responses

  1. Jim McCrone says:

    I have had a peep at the extracts from the 2017 Catalogue, and the on-line catalogue – and I am stunned ! The entire Team must have spent months, virtually re-creating every item on your “inventory “, and giving them a new look. Unbelievably impressive – really – I mean that !
    I would genuinely appreciate if you would send me a copy of the Catalogue – as it would be one of those Tomes which would be drawn from the bookshelf regularly, and mulled over, with great pleasure.
    And that I could look forward to.

  2. Sophia says:

    Hi Jim,

    Thank you very much for your lovely feedback, the team have indeed worked hard! A message shall be sent to your e-mail address shortly for further information on where to send the brochure.
    Kind Regards, MPC

  3. Roger Shepherd says:


    I would love to be able to have a look at your new 2017 catalogue but am unable to get adobe on my tablet.Would it be possible to obtain a printed copy from you ?

    Many thanks.

  4. Sophia says:

    Hi Roger,

    Yes, absolutely. We have your address and shall arrange for a copy to be sent to you asap.

    Kind Regards,

  5. Joey Long says:

    I would love to have a printed catalogue to show our customers! We are at Keeton’s Office and Art Supply Co, and I teach Chancery Cursive here. I am SO excited to see the Modern Calligraphy Set, and will be ordering! Thanks you – Joey

  6. carlos nencini says:

    Soy el dueño de la principal tienda de lapiceras en Argentina ” Casa la Lapicera fundada en 1936 ” y me parecen fabulosos sus productos y deseo me envíen un catalogo en PDF. Muchas Gracias

  7. Charlotte Wilde says:

    Hola. Gracias por ponerse en contacto con nosotros. Un miembro de nuestro equipo de ventas se pondrá en contacto con usted en breve.

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