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Pineider Arco Fountain Pen Medium

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One of only 888 produced, the Arco Blue Bee fountain pen, swirled with amber yellow and speckled midnight blue, certainly lives up to its name. Designed by Dante Del Vecchio in Florence, its aesthetic is reminiscent of classic 20th century fountain pens with its dark, mellow tones and streamlined form.

The amazing “bee striped” effect is created from alternating layers of blue and yellow resin united by a gold coloured glue. This block is then turned to produce the rounded barrel shape of the Arco and create the stunning marbling. The richly coloured barrel is contrasted with a number of polished palladium plated trims such as the iconic Pineider quill clip. Completed with delicately engraved feather lines, this slim clip is spring loaded for ease when sliding into pockets. The palladium end band unscrews to reveal the piston filler, whilst the cap top is finished with a pressed a circular finial.

The centre-band displays a relief of the Pineider name and the famous “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” language pangram. A magnetic soft-touch, twist lock mechanism smoothly removes the cap from the barrel and neatly secures the cap in the same position every time it is attached. An ergonomic grip section, dramatically curving towards the barrel, keeps the hand back from the nib, preventing inky fingers and ensuring a comfortable writing experience. Arco is beautifully finished with a ‘Hyperflex’ nib, exquisitely engraved with a design inspired by an Art Nouveau print in the Pineider archive. This 14kt gold nib is extraordinarily ductile to enable fluidity in strokes with virtually no pressure. Small notches on either side of the nib mean there is just enough metal to achieve the perfect flex of the tip when writing.

A Pineider edition with twist magnetic lock and 14kt iperflex nib.


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