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Pininfarina Forever Cuban Tobacco

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A delightful blend of styles, it is immediately apparent where Pininfarina’s Forever Cuban gets its name. In rich mahogany brown, Tobacco combines smooth, clean lines, a circular barrel and tapered ends to emulate the iconic shape of a Cuban cigar. Stunning craftsmanship reveals concentric circles of the wood’s grain along the sides.

A pen with a generous circumference, it has a shape which is exceptionally comfortable to hold. The tapered ends enhance this by creating a perfect balance in the hand. Skilfully crafted in richly, coloured, solid maple wood, it exudes quality and boasts a beautifully smooth finish. Tobacco has the line quality of a pencil but the permanence of a pen and is technically neither. Its tip is manufactured from Ethergraf anodised aluminium which, when it comes into contact with paper, oxidises it.

The reaction produces a line without the need for graphite or ink. The oxidisation prevents the tip from deteriorating over time resulting in a writing instrument with indefinite use. Wide, deep and rounded, the tip makes it the ideal instrument for sketching and soft shading. Delicately engraved into the barrel sides are “Cuban”, a reminder of what inspired the design, and the Forever logo. Pininfarina’s Tobacco Cuban is an undeniably unique product that you’ll never have experienced before.

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