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Pininfarina Aero Red

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Impeccably engineered, Pininfarina Aero Red is a unique contemporary writing piece combining innovative design with cutting edge technology. Crafted from high end aerospace materials, it has an unusual form with a hollow centre separating the barrel into two halves. Its extremely lightweight, brushed metallic aluminium exterior is contrasted with a bold red centre creating a striking visual contrast. Carefully forged according to the principle of torsion, the barrel twists as it progresses to the tip producing a form evocative of a propeller blade alluding to the design’s aeronautical influences.

The uniqueness of Aero does not end at its form. A writing instrument like no other, it is neither a pen nor a pencil. Its tip is manufactured from Ethergraf; a technologically advanced anodised aluminium alloy which when it comes into contact with paper, oxidises it. The reaction produces a soft, delicate line like a pencil but is permanent like a pen and removes the need for graphite or ink. The oxidisation process helps prevent deterioration over time producing a writing instrument which can be used indefinitely with no loss of quality. Its twisting infinity profile is a striking contemporary reference to this.

Beautifully tapered at either end ensures the widest part sits neatly in the groove of your hand during use for a comfortable hold. A finishing flourish is the Pininfarina logo engraved elegantly into the barrel. Designed down to the last detail, Aero is a product you’ll never have experienced

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