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Pininfarina Space

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Futuristic and out-of-this-world, the Pininfarina Space writing instrument takes writing to a whole new level. Crafted entirely from magnesium with an Ethergraf anodised aluminium tip, this ultra-lightweight product is an exquisite blend of technology and design.

Designed for astronauts to use in space, where normal pens can’t be used, it doesn’t require any ink or refills. As the Ethergraf tip comes into contact with the paper a chemical reaction takes place causing the paper to oxidise and produce a soft, graphite-like line. The reaction ensures the tip is resistant to wear and deterioration from frequent use. The strikingly ergonomic barrel, die cast from magnesium, begins with a rounded grip, which ensures comfort. This progresses to a contrastingly flat, rectangular end – the result is a bold yet seamless combination of geometric forms and a dramatic side profile. A polished steel chamfered clip adorns the end and is etched with the Pininfarina name; it’s a beautiful foil to the matte body which allows attachment to notebooks and pockets.

Space is accompanied by a minimalist, magnesium ring in which it can be stored or rested across when not being used. Elegantly tapered, it beautifully compliments the lines of the product whilst its delicate form prevents it from cluttering a workspace.

Unequivocally like no other writing instrument, Space has a pen’s permanence but a pencil’s line quality and is technically neither. A truly unique addition to the industry.

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