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Conklin ALL American Fountain Pens

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Conklin ALL American Fountain Pens

Originally released at the time of the Great Depression, the All American collection bursts with bold, uplifting colours. Vibrant and bold, the All American fountain pens is a celebration of Conklin’s heritage – a contemporary interpretation of the original style, bursting with colour, the cap and barrel mottled resin. A pen which will certainly attract attention.

Crafted from high grade European resin, this pen has a smooth, glossy finish, which combined with its generous size makes it extremely comfortable to use. A stainless steel nib pressed with the Conklin logo in gold makes it an effortless writing instrument. The cap is adorned with a silver Conklin Rocker style clip, pressed with the Conklin logo, a beautiful contrast against the bold cap and barrel design.

A simple twisting mechanism removes the cap, which can then be placed on the end of the barrel when writing.

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