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Conklin Coronet Fountain Pen Olive - Medium

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Subtle and classic, the Coronet Olive fountain pen will remind you of Italian olive groves and Mediterranean summers. Part of a newer, minimalist range, this elegant pen has clean, uninterrupted lines, is rich in colour and flawless in finish. Crafted from stainless steel and brass and dipped in coloured lacquer, it has a glossy, sophisticated appearance.

This lightweight pen delivers a smooth and pleasing writing experience. A silver cap band, clip, section and stainless steel nib create a striking contrast with the rich cap and barrel colour and draw the eye to some of its features. Coronet Olive is finished with the practical addition of a generous sized clip pressed with the Conklin name. A snap compression cap enables easy removal of the lid, whilst a screw thread ensures effortless disassembly of parts to reveal the delicate glass convertor inside.

This pen is also available in nib grades: Extra Fine, Fine, Broad, Stub and Omniflex.

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