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Conklin Duragraph Fountain Pen Forest Green - Medium

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Designed to be passed down through generations, the Duragraph Fountain pen is one with a focus on timeless aesthetics and durable functionality. A colour scheme which emulates the rich greenery of the wilderness, Duragraph’s Forest Green fountain pen will remind you of the beauty of the outdoors.

An exquisite example of Conklins’ attention to detail, the Duragraph Forest Green fountain pen is adorned with a cap top displaying the Conklin Est. 1898 logo and a cap band engraved with the company’s three iconic crescents. Its clean and elegant lines result in a pleasing contemporary design.

This in addition to being crafted from handmade resins and a steel nib results in a smooth and comfortable writing experience.

Also available in nib sizes: Extra Fine, Fine, Broad, Stub and Omniflex.

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