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Conklin Duragraph Fountain Pen Ice Blue - Medium

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With its stripes of rich blue on an ice white background, the Duragraph Ice Blue fountain pen is vibrant and bold. Its speckled aesthetic handcrafted from striped colourful resin sparkles as the glossy surface catches the light. A Conklin classic since 1923, the Duragraph fountain pen revives the 1920’s iconic oversized flat top pen with a modern, timeless design. Designed to become part of your own family’s heritage, one of the main aims behind this product is durability – hence its name.

The rich pattern created from high grade European resins is complimented with exquisite, polished chrome plated details. These include a beautiful cap band engraved with the famous Duragraph script and crescents, and an elegant clip fixed to the cap top, designed so the pen sits deeply and safely in your pocket.

This pen is also available in nib grades: Extra Fine, Fine, Broad, Stub and Omniflex.

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