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Diplomat Aero Ballpoint Easy Flow Pens

Inspired by aeronautical design, the aptly named Diplomat Aero EasyFlow ballpoint pen, captures the unmistakable shape of the 1900 Zeppelin airship with a beautifully streamlined, delicately grooved form and rich colour.
Crafted from anodised aluminium, Aero has a gloriously glossy, metallic aesthetic which glistens as the grooves catch the light, while its clean, uninterrupted lines, combined with an elegantly tapered form demonstrate Diplomat’s impeccable engineering.

A number of features adorn the pen including a slender, elegant clip which progresses to the cap top, enabling safe and secure fixture to pockets and notebooks during transportation. A flourishing final feature to the cap is Diplomat’s flower logo. The cap end is similarly embellished with “Diplomat” and “made in Germany” a modern font which stands out on the cap.

As the name suggests the Aero Easyflow ballpoint effortlessly glides across paper in a smooth, flowing fashion ensuring a delightful writing experience. The pen point extends and retracts with a simple twisting mechanism, as does the barrel when removed to refill the pen.

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