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Diplomat Excellence A Plus Bauhaus BallPoint

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Diplomat extends the Excellence range with this bold Bauhaus design. An Avant-guard, bold and contemporary movement that is captured on this new Diplomat design. Made in Germany by Diplomat, the ˝Bauhaus˝ pen is evident of a balanced forms and abstract bold colour that is of a style that was born in Germany at the beginning of the 20th Century.

The A Plus Bauhaus Ballpoint has all the features we know and love from Diplomat's Excellence Range. A spring loaded clip made of solid metal typical of a Diplomat design for added functionality and durability.

The all metal casing is of a high quality with a multi layered bold and brilliant lacquer finish. And underneath all the bold designs is craftsmanship of Diplomat's expertly engineered ballpoint for a perfect writing experience.

A beautiful inlayed flower finial tops the cap in the iconic monochromatic colours, whilst a chrome centre band ornately engraved with ˝Diplomat since 1922˝ and ˝made in Germany˝ surrounds its end. A polished stainless steel nib pressed with the Diplomat flower logo, completes the design.

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