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Karin Pigment DecoBrush Violet-Blue Colours

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Karin's Pigment Decobrush markers give artists the freedom of creation. Their opaque paint can be used on paper, metal, glass, plastic, wood, textile, and a lot of other materials. The opaque, matte paint can also be used on dark surfaces with techniques still unavailable to other markers. When painting, the markers will not bleed through the backside of the paper. Pigment Decobrush paints inside the markers are similar to acrylic paints. Moreover, they are enclosed in an easy-to-use body with a flexible, brush-shaped nylon tip.

The colours can be blended until the paint goes completely dry. The drying time of the paint depends on the surface. After going fully dry, the paint becomes waterproof, yet still it can be removed from most surfaces. If you wish so, the paint can become scrub resistant by fixating it with an appropriate varnish (for more information, please read the manual inside). Pigment Decobrush markers contain 2.4 ml of non-toxic opaque organic pigment-based paints. They have been produced in the "liquid ink" technology thanks to which, unlike traditional technologies, they allow 100% paint consumption.

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