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Monteverde USA Aldo Domani Fountain Pen Red

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Simple and elegant, the Monteverde Aldo Domani fountain pen is as rich as the red of an Italian Fiat 500. Crafted from lacquered brass, it has a beautiful pearlescent aesthetic which glistens in the light. This combined with its generous size results in a pen renowned for comfort.

The pen is adorned with a number of chrome features which beautifully contrast the bold body. An elongated, subtly tapered clip ensures effortless transportation, whilst a chrome ring delicately displays the Aldo Domani name. The barrel mirrors this tapered shape producing a streamlined, slim pen which is perfectly balanced in the hand. A twisting mechanism removes the barrel in an effortless fashion to reveal the convertor inside, enabling endless ink possibilities.

The cap is removed in the same way to reveal a stainless steel nib ornately pressed with the iconic Monteverde logo. The pen is finished with black resin on either end, a striking material and visual contrast against the Scarlett barrel.

Also available in nib sizes: Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad and 1.1mm Stub

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