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Vibrant and bold, Pineider’s Metropolis ballpoint pen is part of an innovative collection focused on personalisation.

Developed from Avatar, another Pineider collection, Metropolis has similar features, including its striking Ultra Resin cap and barrel. Ultra resin is a mother of pearl compound resin developed especially for Pineider in Florence. It produces a gloriously glossy, pearlescent surface which shimmers in the light and gives the pen exceptional durability and resistance to scratching.

Metropolis is adorned with a number of jet black trims which produce a striking visual contrast against the bold barrel. Its slim steel marine clip ensures secure attachment to pockets during transportation and displays a delicate feather design, alluding to the origins of writing. The centre band displays the Pineider name and a decorative ridged pattern. An exciting feature of the Metropolis is its customisable barrel end where you can display an insert of either: your initials, zodiac sign, national flag, a dedication or a date. This customisation is a simple process and doesn’t require any tools. Begin by simply unscrewing the black end band and removing the clear lens, then add your chosen insert and secure in place by replacing the lens over the top and screwing the black band back on.

Metropolis uses a twist mechanism to extend and retract its smooth writing ballpoint.

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