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Printworks 12 Colour Pencils - Metallic

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Printworks super soft 3.0 mm metallic colouring pencils are made out of high-quality linden wood and carefully selected to suit colouring and drawing enthusiasts and self-made artists. With a soft and 3.0mm thick core, these pencils are designed to create beautiful colour rich metallic lines to create an impact. Printworks 12 metallic colouring pencils include 12 metallic colours for all your stand-out lettering and colouring needs including; metallic pink, metallic lilac, metallic light pink, metallic turquoise, metallic green, metallic light blue, metallic medium blue, metallic dark blue, metallic silver, metallic cream, metallic yellow and metallic white. Store your pencils in a stylish tin to protect the leads from breaking whether you're creating art at home or en-plain air.

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