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Visconti VS Homo Sapiens Bronze Rose Gold Fountain Pen Fine

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INNOVATION – The Bronze Visconti Homo Sapiens pen is a beautiful combination of ground breaking technology, functionality and comfort. An exquisite example of Visconti’s effort to produce innovative, new designs which push the boundaries of what can be done.     

SMART PRESENTATION CASE – Displayed in a rich metallic black box, silver foiled with the Visconti logo on the lid. The pen sits on an ivory, velvet cushion and comes with a warranty card.       

SPECIFICATION – This pen uses a vacuum filler, to refill, gently twist the end bronze band and pull the plunger up, place the nib into bottled ink and slowly push down again until it clicks. It may take a couple of attempts to achieve a decent refill.      

QUALITY – A pen constructed from the highest grade, most durable materials, its level of quality is evident just from its appearance. A pen desired by all pen enthusiasts, it is a testament to Visconti’s dedication to produce timeless writing instruments, made to last

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