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Tailor's Chalk and Clutch Holder

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Koh-I-Noor’s Tailor’s Chalk is a popular item amongst textile and fabric crafters. The handy mechanical pen holder allows for ease of line making with a pen style clutch to allow for a firmer grip and reduce breakage often found with loose chalks. Precision of marking can be created with this set and is recommended for tailors and budding textile students to create purposedul fabric lines and markings.

The beauty of this set is that the chalk comes in a set of six different colours to include; white, purple, green, blue, yellow and pink. Insert the desired chalk colour into the mechanical clutch and easily switch as required. So whatever the material you are bound to find a chalk fit for the job. And maybe best of all... when your chalks are all used up refills are available for the pen holder.   

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