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Visconti Van Gogh Irises Fountain Pen Light Green

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Rich sea green swirled with mustard yellow and royal blue emulates the lush natural palette of the Van Gogh painting “Irises” in Visconti’s Irises Van Gogh fountain pen. Part of the Van Gogh collection, natural resins have been combined by hand to replicate the textures and palettes of his oil paintings.

Completely unique to this collection is the 18 faceted barrel which elegantly tapers down to the round palladium-plated grip. As these sides catch the light they shimmer, creating a striking iridescent aesthetic, bringing a three dimensional quality to the colours. The faceted form results in a pen which sits beautifully in the hand and is comfortable to use. A palladium-plated brass band surrounds the cap, embossed with the painter’s name and painting title.

Adorning the cap is the famous Visconti bridge clip, styled on the Ponte Vecchio in Florence – a contemporary yet practical feature which ensures safe and secure transportation. The cap top is neatly finished with a delicately pressed Visconti logo. A charming feature of all Visconti pens, this can be removed with a Visconti magnet and changed for your initials, Zodiac sign or a precious stone. A screw thread smoothly separates the barrel from the section to reveal the convertor inside enabling the use of bottle inks, whilst a magnetised cap results in effortless removal and secure attachment to the barrel. The pen is beautifully finished with an A66 stainless steel nib ornately pressed with the Visconti logo.

Available in nib sizes: Extra Fine, Fine, Medium and Bold.

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