We’ve still got Frankfurt feelings, following a successful CreativeWorld

Can you believe it’s nearly March already? This year seems to have taken off and doesn’t look like slowing down!

Whilst we’re on the theme of jetting off, Manuscript’s international appeal continues to make headlines and we couldn’t wait to dig out our passports and head to Germany to get people from around the globe putting Manuscript pen to Manuscript paper.

Heading into Frankfurt, is like heading into a European New York – it really is a city that never sleeps.

It is a city full of buzzing business, considerable creativity and some of the world’s greatest trade fairs. Throw those three things into a pencil case, give it a shake and out comes CreativeWorld – a show we attend every year to celebrate our heritage, display our latest innovations and help people join the Manuscript family.

Preparations started months ago, a new look stand was designed, a pen pot full of new products have been developed, new look catalogues have been lovingly compiled by the boxful – all with the hope of ‘wowing’ visitors to the headline event in the stationery calendar.

Displaying the new Manuscript Switch-Tip, our first lettering pencil and bold flexible brush tip pens alongside the stylish Clarity and Curve pens. We didn’t forget the old favourites though and they bought as much excitement to buyers, retailers and other brands alike.

As always, we were honoured to be joined Joyce Lee (or @artsynibs as she’s known to friends) who created a HUGE amount of beautifully created gift tags. So, if it’s your birthday soon and you know someone who has been to Frankfurt, expect a gorgeous gift with Joyce’s delicate lettering as an accompaniment.

Safe to say, we’re already looking forward to Creativeworld 2019 and can’t wait to see what 2018 brings. A great start to the year and if you want to look at the new look catalogue, you can see it here.

Stay tuned to manuscriptpen.com. We’ve got plenty in store for experienced artists and new faces in 2018.

See you soon.

Charlie Stockbridge & Crumble


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Date: 27.02.18