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One of only 888 made, the Arco Firefox is rich with colour and class. A striking barrel pattern of rich mahogany brown interspersed with swirls of copper orange creates a truly dramatic aesthetic. Designed by Dante Del Vecchio in Florence, it has a streamlined form and tones reminiscent of classic 20th century fountain pens.

Arco is crafted from a blend of transparent and opaque resin layers bonded by a golden glue. It is then turned on a lathe at a 4 degree slant to produce a barrel with a semi-transparent, iridescent finish. A number of polished palladium plated trims contrast this striking aesthetic, such as the iconic Pineider quill clip.

Completed with delicately engraved feather lines, this slim clip is spring loaded for ease when sliding into pockets. The cap uses a magnetic soft-touch, twist lock mechanism which ensures it attaches in the same position every time. Its ergonomic grip which gently curves away from the rollerball tip provides ample room for a comfortable hold. The Arco rollerball is a wonderfully smooth writer and would be a stunning addition to any workspace.

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