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Manuscript Deluxe Calligraphy Set - Left Hand

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The Left Handed Deluxe Calligraphy Set is the perfect gift set ideal for fountain pen calligraphy and every day writing. Create italic calligraphy and practice lettering with ease with this diverse set. Made in the United Kingdom, this 13 piece set includes the following:

1 Classic Fountain Pen's with a gold polished detailed nib
4 assorted standard size ink cartridges in 4 colours - black, blue, red, and green
6 calligraphy nib sections - oblique cut for left handed use
Ink convertor
Beginner's guidelines to help you get started

Choose from a selection of nib types:

A 0.85mm italic calligraphy nib for a fine stroke 
A 1.1mm italic calligraphy nib for a soft italic stroke
A 1.35mm italic calligraphy nib for a broad stroke 
A 1.6mm italic calligraphy nib for a extra broad stroke 
A 2.2mm italic calligraphy nib for a varied broad stroke 
A 2.8mm italic calligraphy nib for the broadest stroke on our fountain pen nibs

All nibs come in a gold polished finish
All nibs are Made in Britain

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