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Are you stuck on where to begin? Download our free worksheets and templates to help you get started! Choose from learning the basics of calligraphy to 3D Lettering, activity sheets for kids through to Easter card making! Download now and get started!



Create Your Own Christmas Baubles

DIY Christmas Cards

Create Your Own Photo Christmas Tree

Lionheart Spooky Spiders (Perfect for Kids!)

Wax Pumpkin for Halloween

Download our FREE Calligraphy Colouring Book by Sandro Bonomo - Find out more about Sandro Bonomo HERE

Create Your Own Gratitude Journal

DIY Stained Glass Jar Craft Project

That Special Letter Needs the Perfect Envelope! 

Lettering for Beginner's by James Lewis - Find out more about James Lewis HERE

3D Lettering by James Lewis - Find out more about James Lewis HERE

Brush Lettering Guidelines By Helen Colebrook - Find out more about Journal with Purpose HERE

Spring Flowers for your Journal

Create your own Easter Bunnies

How to create your own 'Thinking of you' card

Create your own Rainbow Bookmark

How to draw Arthur the Lion

How to draw Benji the Elephant

Lionheart Animals Colouring Sheet Part 1

Lionheart Animals Colouring Sheet Part 2

Lionheart Arthur the Lion Mask

Lionheart Arthur the Lion's Roaring Colouring Sheet

Lionheart Benji the Elephant's Muddle Puddles

Lionheart Animals Cakes and Sandwiches Activity

Lionheart Childrens Maze Activity Sheet

Lionheart Lola Puzzle Activity Sheet

Lionheart Saffy's Cake Colouring Activity Sheet

Lionheart Saffy and Lola's Hide and Seek Activity

Make a paper flower bouquet with Manuscript

Spread the love with a Valentine's Memory Journal

Sustainable Christmas Wrapping Paper Project

Christmas Card Craft Project

Autumnal Lettering

Say Something Special Template

3D Lettering

World Calligraphy Day Say Something Special

World Calligraphy Day Decorations

World Calligraphy Day Card Creation

World Calligraphy Day Lionheart Storybook

Design something unique for Dad on Father's Day

Create your own Wedding Place Cards

Easter Card Making

Mothers Day Card Making

Modern Calligraphy Alphabet

Modern Calligraphy Flourish Alphabet

Italic Calligraphy Guidelines

Italic Calligraphy Guidelines 3B

Gothic Alphabet Majuscules

Gothic Alphabet Miniscules

Gothic Guidelines 3B

Gothic Guidelines Medium

Roman Roundhand Guidelines