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Pininfarina Cambiano Aluminium

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Designed to stand the test of time, Pininfarina’s Cambiano combines minimalist aesthetics with new technologies. An exquisite blend of materials makes up the barrel; metallic, matte aluminium encases panels of rich, earthy walnut wood, creating a beautiful juxtaposition of modern and traditional materials.

Neither a pen nor a pencil, Cambiano is different to any other writing instrument available. Its tip is manufactured from Ethergraf anodised aluminium which, when it comes into contact with paper, oxidises it. The reaction produces a line without the need for graphite or ink. The oxidisation also prevents the tip from deteriorating over time producing a writing instrument which can be used indefinitely with no loss of quality. Its elegant, tapering form means the widest part of the design sits in the back of your hand ensuring perfect balance and comfort during use. Stylishly etched into the walnut wood panel is the Pininfarina name, its form mirroring the metal surround to create a truly streamlined, futuristic aesthetic.

Cambiano has the softness and line quality of a pencil but the permanence of a pen. It is an undeniably unique addition to the industry and a product you’ll never have experienced before.

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