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Pininfarina Forever Prima New Rust

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In striking, rich orange, the Pininfarina Prima New Rust writing instrument radiates energy and warmth. A truly original design, Prima New Rust is a beautiful combination of cutting-edge technology and timeless aesthetics. The first of the limitless writing instrument range, it needs no ink to work nor does it ever need to be refilled, resulting in a product with an infinite lifespan.

The tip is crafted from Ethergraf anodised aluminium which oxidises with the paper to produce lines without graphite or ink. This process prevents the tip deteriorating from frequent use and contact with paper. Meanwhile its long, slender barrel is made from aluminium and tapers to a conical shape, creating a back-weighted design, which is well-balanced in the hand. The aluminium produces a lustrous appearance giving it a sense of opulence and sophistication despite its simplicity, along with a smooth surface texture ensuring comfort when used. The barrel is delicately decaled in white with the Forever logo, whilst the end is subtly indented for a stylish final flourish.

Prima has the softness and line quality of a pencil but the permanence of a pen. It is an undeniably unique addition to the industry and a product you’ll never have experienced before.

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