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Visconti Van Gogh Starry Night Rollerball Pen Indigo Blue

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Iridescent and striking, the Starry Night Rollerball pen is a beautiful interpretation of one of the most famous Van Gogh paintings. Marbling of midnight and sky blue, terracotta red, sunshine yellow and white reflects the dappled skies and swirled texture of the painting. This effect is created through hand mixing natural resins together.

Completely unique to this collection is the 18 faceted barrel which tapers down to the palladium-plated circular section and rollerball tip; the result is a pen wonderfully comfortable to hold. Each facet shimmers as the light catches its surface creating, a truly pearlescent aesthetic. Palladium-plated brass trims are a striking contrast against the barrel body and draw the eye to some of its features.

A magnetised cap provides seamless connection and removal from the barrel with very little effort. It is adorned with the iconic Visconti bridge clip, a reference to the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, which is sprung for effortless attachment to clothing or notebooks and ensures secure transportation. A band embossed with the painter’s name and painting title surrounds the cap end, whilst its top displays an ornately pressed finial of the Visconti logo. Like all Visconti pens this can be removed with a Visconti magnet and exchanged for your initials, Zodiac sign or a precious stone. This rollerball uses liquid ink and has a ceramic tip for a delightfully smooth writing experience.

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