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Visconti VS Homo Sapiens Bronze Over Fountain Pen Lava

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The only one of its kind, Visconti’s Homo Sapiens bronze fountain pen is a truly exciting addition to the industry. Basaltic lava from none other than Mount Etna in Sicily has been combined with a catalysed resin to produce a truly unique aesthetic rich with natural beauty. The material results in an unbelievably durable, hygroscopic barrel with a luscious, velvety texture, similar to ebony. This rich black lava resin is contrasted with sophisticated, glossy bronze trims. The bronze band found at the barrel end unscrews to reveal a vacuum filler system. All interior components are made from titanium, eliminating the possibility of rust from frequent contact with ink. The bronze cap band is strikingly inscribed with the Homo Sapiens name whilst the cap top is adorned with a delicately, embossed Visconti logo. Like all Visconti pens, this can be removed with a Visconti magnet and exchanged for your initials, Zodiac sign or a precious stone if desired.

A stylish detail on the cap is the unmistakable Visconti bridge clip, a tribute to the Ponte Vecchio in Florence. Sprung for effortless attachment to clothing and notebooks, ensuring safe transportation, the Visconti name is luxuriously inlayed into the side with a black surround.

The cap uses a hook safe system which creates a pleasing indented aesthetic around the top of the section. It works using a simple push down and twist motion which guarantees it remains securely attached when not in use. An impeccable final detail is the Dreamtouch nib, crafted from A55 23kt plated Palladium; a rare, lustrous white metal more expensive than Gold, it is exceptionally smooth to write with and enables good line variation. This two toned nib is ornately decorated with the Visconti name, surrounded by engraved flourishes.

Available in nib grades: Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Bold and Stub.

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