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Visconti VS Rembrandt Fountain Pen Red Fine

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A stunning blend of crimson interspersed with flames of vibrant orange and swirls of smoky black, the Rembrandt red fountain pen combines innovative design with bold aesthetics. Part of the Rembrandt collection released to honour the work of the famous 17th century artist, each is fabricated from manually blended acrylic resin to produce a variegated aesthetic reflecting Rembrandt’s iconic chiaroscuro painting style.

A number of beautiful palladium-plated brass details adorn the pen including a delicately embossed cap band displaying the Rembrandt name and a decorative leaf motif. The cap is topped with a small finial pressed with the Visconti logo. A feature of all Visconti pens, this can be removed with a Visconti magnet and changed for your initials, Zodiac symbol or a precious stone. Decorating the cap is the fabled Visconti bridge clip, a reference to the Ponte Vecchio in Florence.

Sprung for easy attachment to clothing and notebooks, the clip elegantly mirrors the pen’s form resulting in a streamlined design, exceptionally comfortable to use. A magnetised cap provides a satisfyingly smooth attachment to the barrel and effortless removal. Meanwhile a screw thread removes the section from the barrel when the pen needs to be refilled; cartridges or a convertor can be used. Even the A66 stainless steel nib honours the brand’s roots, elaborately engraved with the Visconti logo. A pen beautifully designed down to the last detail.

Available in nib grades: Extra Fine, Fine, Medium and Bold.

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