Mahima Tiwari - Watercolour Step by Step

Looking for an exciting step-by-step project? Our April Artist of the Month Mahima Tiwari has put together this fantastic watercolour project for you to follow with Manuscript product! 

Mahima Tiwari work in progress

Watercolour illustrations create stunning effects, whether its lettering, calligraphy or drawing and sketching. The beauty of watercolours is the ability to achieve stunning effects which can be achieved using water colour paints but also Manuscript's Aquabrush Markers! 

Using our Aquabrush Markers our artist of the month Mahima Tiwari, is able to create a great piece on a small canvas using brush markers and Duotip Pens. Mahima gives you a step-by-step on how she created her artwork below.

While we are stuck at home, its a great opportunity to learn a new skills! Watercolour paintings can be very daunting but Manuscript's Aquabrush Markers are so versatile they will make you feel like a pro! Not only are they great for large scale lettering, they work perfectly on small scale illustrations. Find out how I achieved my Hot Air Balloon Illustration below...

To start this piece choose your watercolour paper of choice and tape down the edges using craft tape, this is a great tip to help you achieve a clean border around your illustration.

Then, take your Aqubrush colours of choice and create a series of dots in a semi circle shape using the tips. 

Mahima step 1

Using your paintbrush, dip it into some water and then begin to spread the colours to create a watercolour template. You can create any look you want by adding more water and colour to your canvas.

Top tip, you can even dip your Aquabrush Marker directly into your water pot to create your colour tones! 

Mahima Tiwari step 2

The more colours you add, the more vivid effect you can create. Keep going though because it may look a little messy at the moment but wait until it all comes togther. The beauty of water colours is that you can add more colour and water to fix any mistakes! 

You can also use a few colours to create tonal effects if you're going for a specific colour scheme. The Aquabrush Markers are great for creating these types of effects as you can achieve many shades of a colour from one marker! 

Mahima Tiwari step 3

The craft tape you applied earlier has come in handy as you will see from the step-by-step images! Once you remove these you will see what a clean finish you have! 

Add any touch ups you have and then leave your canvas to dry. It's important your canvas is completely dry for the next step. Take a Duotip marker and start drawing your hot air balloon outlines with the fineliner tip and colour in using the italic tip. Vary the size of your illustrations to had depth to your design. 

Mahima Tiwari step 4

After removing the craft tape, step back and take a look at your final piece; brilliant isn’t it? With just two sets of pens you've created a masterpiece! Now that you've mastered how to to these markers, why not try out Manuscript's other pens too which arent just for writing, you can achieve some great results drawing and skteching with them too! 

Mahima Tiwari final step

Did you enjoy Mahima's step-by-step? What do you think of her piece? You can recreate Mahima's artwork and shop for your supplies using the links below:

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Duotip Markers

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